Moesgaard Museum by Aarhus

The job

The new state-of-the-art Moesgaard Museum is an entirely new way of thinking museum. It’s a holistic experience with many interactive installations and light effects. Moesgaard Museum has a total of 670 units, and about half of them need to be turned off at night and switched on again the next day.

Instead of the employees having to manually switch off each of the 330 installations by walking around the museum in the evening, the assignment was to give them an easily operated system to centrally control every unit.

The solution

To connect all units and make sure that they can be controlled in an easy way, we chose to use the system ShowControl, which is perfect for the purpose. Now, employees at the museum can easily control the units that have to be switched off at night and turned on again the next morning simply by pressing one button.

Unexpected challenge

in the work with Moesgaard Museum we had a challenge we didn’t anticipate: because the museum is made of concrete, and furthermore is built into the ground, you only have to go down one floor and the mobile signal is gone.

This meant that mobile phones were not working, and we could spend hours finding each other to get an answer to a simple question. An issue we hadn’t experienced since the invention of mobile phones. And with a tight deadline of 3-4 weeks, it made the challenge extra exciting.

But we made it, and everything was ready for the Queen’s inauguration speech 10 October 2014 – and of course when the museum opened its doors to the rest of the public the day after.