Citizens’ Hall in Vallensbæk Kommune

The job

In the Citizens’ Hall in Vallensbæk Kommune there is a large staircase leading down to an artwork. The artwork consists of a wall of lit-up triangles. The staircase is made as a sort of ‘Spanish Steps’ where visitors can sit on steps in various heights while admiring the artwork.

The job for us was to install a large canvas screen that by the press of a button goes down in front of the artwork. This makes it possible to use the room for presentations as well. The lights in the artwork should be turned off while the screen is down to make the presentations visible.

The solution

We installed a canvas screen in front of the artwork, measuring more than 5 metres. Users can roll the canvas up and down by pressing a button. By using PLC (programmable logical controller), we have made an installation with two projectors projecting content onto the screen.

When the screen is down, the lights in the artwork are turns off automatically. At night, the screen automatically goes up, if it’s still down, and the lights in the artwork are turned off automatically to save power – and are automatically turned on again the next day. The technique behind what is shown onscreen is made by us as well, to make sure that it is easy and user-friendly to use for the speakers.