Cipex now holds the title ‘Certified electrical contractor’. This is a title with great advantages to both Cipex and the customers.

It is an advantage to be able to do the electricity work ourselves, Michael Rasmussen, says:

“It is a great advantage to both us and our customers. Now we are able to legally connect our existing solutions at our customers. This means that they don’t have to hire a certified electrician afterwards. And of course this is very satisfying to us because we are able to follow the project all the way through without having to hire a third party.”

“Our mission is to offer the widest selection of audio-visual solutions in the business to customers as well as give them the expert guidance they need, so it’s really cool that we are able to offer this kind of extra service.”

Have worked towards it from the beginning
Michael says that this has been the plan from the very beginning:

“Right from the start, we have worked towards being a certified electrical contractor because we saw the need. We have made sure to have the right set-up, and we have employed two electricians as part of this process. But it has cost a bit of money and has not been easy. One person here has worked with this for two months. But now the mission is accomplished – and we’re happy!”