KNX is intelligent building systems to ensure complete control of buildings, residential properties and office buildings etc.

With a simple touch panel, all applications in the building can be controlled; such as heat, ventilation and alarms. KMX is easy to operate and energy-friendly.

KNX can be used both for simple systems, but also as a part of larger systems, such as integration with xControl and larger AV installations. KNX is part of our product portfolio at Cipex, and since we are authorised electrical contractors, the entire installation can be delivered by the same supplier. This way, the customer only has one point of contact: us.

Cipex has made KNX systems where:

  • The level of light in a room, step lighting, etc. are controlled.
  • Lights in building only turn on movement and are able to adjust according to the level of light in the surroundings.
  • Premises and buildings where existing installations have been upgraded to a KNX solution.