Did you know that Cipex is a Cisco partner?

Cipex can help you and your company with dimensioning and installation of Cisco wireless network (WLAN) but also network and VPN connection.

We know from our A/V and streaming installations that network is not “just” network with an increased band width. Networks of today make demands regarding stabile connections and low latency. This is especially true when the network is used for real time streaming A/V and voice-over IP.

Do you already have a network up and running, but one you think may need a service check? – Contact us. Especially with WLAN, we experience that improvements can be made as more and more equipment becomes wireless and as such can disturb one another with inconveniences and signal drops as a result. Cipex has the right equipment and can support technically during installation to make sure that the company has the best network possible.

Contact us to hear more about how we can provide your company with a stable, fast network without any loss of signal.