Musikkens Hus in Aalborg

The job

In Musikkens Hus (House of Music) in Aalborg there is a large concrete wall. The request was to show all sponsor logos on the wall. At first, not at big problem. But the challenge was that the wall has to function as a touch screen as well, so that when visitors touch a logo with their hand, a video from that sponsor starts playing. Concrete walls are not suitable as touch screens as concrete cannot be activated by touch. So we had to think hard.

The solution

Our solution was to make an invisible laser grid. A laser shoots out beams approximately 25 times a second against the concrete wall. When you place your hand on the wall, you break the laser beam. We are able to measure the distance to the wall using XY coordinates. If the beam is broken outside the wall, it’s not interesting and nothing happens. However, if the beam is broken on the wall, the hand functions as a cursor on the concrete wall. When the hand is moved away from the wall, the wall goes back to showing the sponsor logos.