City council hall in Vallensbæk municipality

The job

Vallensbæk municipality wanted to upgrade the city council hall with new contemporary technology and new microphones for panel participants. The municipality wanted to keep the existing furniture, but the old system left holes in the tables, making the task extra challenging and exiting.
We got the assignment in June 2015 and had one week to complete it. This meant that we had to think up an aesthetic and smart solution, and on top of that have it produced and installed within a fairly short timeframe.

The solution

Before, the panel had to press a button by their microphone to be able to speak. This meant that the chairman did not have the complete overview over the order of speakers. Not a very contemporary solution. With the new solution from Sennheiser ADN (Audio Distribution Network) the chairman has complete control over who speaks when. Participants press ‘Request to speak’, and the chairman is able see the order of speakers on an overview on the screen.

The solution to the challenge of keeping the existing furniture in place was to have wooden table tops made, and place them on top of the existing table with room for the new panel microphones we installed. This ended up being a very elegant and smart solution where the chairman has a good overview of the order of speakers. Even the Mayor said that “This is damn smart”. What more can we ask for?