Knowledge about: Latency

Latency means delay in time. Therefore, you have to be aware of latency when talking about streaming. When you work with transmission, there will always be a delay in time. When it comes to streaming you have to be aware of the fact that latency can be an almost unimportant factor, or it can be a very important factor.

If you imagine that you’re having a meeting where you’re streaming a monologue to other locations with participants, in many cases you can accept a latency of maybe 30 seconds without any significance.

However, if you imagine a meeting with interactivity such as surveys, questions and answers, in this case, you have to be aware of the fact that it will take 30 seconds before the recipient (far end) will receive questions or the subject of the survey. This means that he or she will be 30 seconds behind everyone else who’s present in the room of the streaming when it comes to answering the questions. In most cases, this will be an unacceptable delay.

When it comes to the latter scenario, we strive to deliver the best products and services with a minimum of latency. Through certain technologies, it is possible for us to stream, protected by data encryption, through the internet with a far lower latency than competing technologies.