Long distance meetings


Meeting or conference rooms in companies with offices at multiple locations

The job

We have several jobs upgrading or equipping existing or new conference or meeting rooms with new user-friendly technical equipment in order to facilitate smooth meetings across geographical distances.

A shared wish from all customers has been to ensure that control of the equipment is user-friendly, that the solution is aesthetical to look at and that the sound and picture functions without problems in both small and large rooms.

The solution

We have implemented aesthetical and secure solutions where users do not risk to turn anything over or fall over cables. All equipment is easy and user-friendly to control for changing users of the meeting rooms. No one will need to contact IT to control the equipment we install.

We install solutions either with screens and microphones in the table in front of the users, or with a large screen placed at the end of the table and a microphone in the ceiling.

To make sure that the video conference system has good sound, we install microphones that, by turning 360 degree, can identify where the sound is coming from and make noise reduction on other sounds to make sure that everyone can clearly hear the person speaking. No one needs to raise their voice as the sound is similar no matter if you’re placed far away from the microphone.

The camera can zoom in on participants farthest away from the screen and zoom in on a document that is being shown at several metres’ distance and make sure that it’s easy to read.

We make sure that all meeting rooms have the same equipment installed. This makes it easier for users to control the equipment and easy for the company to troubleshoot and buy any spare parts as the equipment is similar in every room.