Pilehaveskolen (a school), Vallensbæk, Denmark

The job

In connection with a modernisation of Pilehaveskolen, a school in Denmark, an old film room needed an upgrade with the latest technology. The room need AV equipment installed to use for pc presentations as well as speak using handheld or headset microphones for the teachers.

The solution

In the solution, we focused on installing a sound system with a great speech interpretation. The way a sound system projects speech is not the same way if you sing. So, we made sure that the sound system we installed is optimised to speech, and thereby suited for educational purposes.

The system supports all units – both new digital ones or older analogue units: pc, Mac, telephones etc. Image resolution is optimised to fill out the entire screen with no black edges.

The system is very user-friendly as it is important to Pilehaveskolen that different teachers can easily operate it. Everything is controlled digitally, and there is no manual maintenance. The system will detect which channels to tune into itself, so once the system is up and running it continues to work.

All technology is fixed in a rack cabinet. The advantage of using this cabinet is that the technology is fixed to the sides of it, so nothing is lost, and the user is able to lock the cabinet after use.

This is an example of how you can take an old film room and easily make it modern and contemporary. It is future-proof with lots of extension possibilities as it is easy to upgrade with more microphones etc.

A typical installation time for us is 2-3 days, so from start to finish, we can have this project ready in a week.