Through screens, sound and light Cipex will take part in conveying exhibitions at the new war memorial museum in Narvik, Northern Norway.

Technical suppliers
Michael Rasmussen from Cipex says: “We are proud to have been chosen for the job, and we are looking forward to getting started. We cooperate with Redia Aarhus, who will develop content to the screens, and our job will be to be technical suppliers of A/V equipment for the exhibitions.

Long way to Narvik
“We had a pre-inspection here a few weeks ago, in snow and beautiful sunshine. Narvik is far up in Northern Norway: actually it’s as far away from Aarhus as Florence is. This means that it won’t be possible for us to just pop back home if we forget anything. This made it important to take a trip up here to make a thorough pre-inspection.”

“When we go to Narvik in a few weeks, it will take us about 2 ½ days to drive there, so it’s important that we have packed our cars correctly before we leave Denmark,” Michael finishes.

Through exhibitions The Red Cross War Memorial Museum describes what happen in Narvik during WWII where the Germans attacked 9 April 1940. After 2 months of fierce battle, the Germans lost to the Norwegians and the allied forces. This was the first German defeat in WWII.

Unfortunately, France suffered a defeat at the West Front in Europe, and the Allied had to withdraw from Northern Norway 8 June. Without their support, the Norwegian forces had to surrender to the Germans.

The work on the new museum starts in the middle of June. The new war museum will open 7 July 2016 according to plan.