Rental of AV equipment

Do you have an important presentation in the company? You can rent the AV equipment for the occasion with us. We have a complete AV set-up for any purpose or occasion.

Rent the AV equipment for your presentation

We have the entire set-up ready: screens, projectors, microphones and everything else to be used for general presentations, election meetings, product presentations, presentation of the annual report and other events in the company or organisation. In other words, if you need a complete AV solution for your corporate event or meeting in the organisation, we deliver image, sound and light on a rental basis.

The best AV equipment for meetings

We help design the entire meeting package, and only use equipment from manufacturers acknowledged by the industry. In this way, we ensure that the AV equipment for your event is of the highest possible quality.

Brand we use for rental

Contact us and we will help you with all the equipment you need for your event

We install everything and make sure the technique works and the equipment is in perfect condition. This means that you can relax completely and prepare for your presentation.
Contact one of our consultants to talk about your wishes and needs.

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