Dong Energy in Gentofte

The job

At Dong Energy we designed and implemented complex audio-visual solutions for two large conference rooms and an auditorium with room for 300 people. The assignment was to make it possible to project presentations up on large screens in the rooms, and furthermore it was an important prerequisite that all users were able to easily and quickly use the technology without any prior training.

The solution

to be able to solve the challenge with the large screens we connected two projectors in one of the conference rooms and the auditorium, and in this way we made it possible to make use of the entire large screen. To ensure a solution where it is possible for users to switch between showing separate images and showing one large picture, we used ‘edge blend’ technology.

‘Edge blend’ technology ensures that the two pictures from the projectors are interpreted as one collective picture on the screen, at the same time making it possible to have content separated on the screen. In the last conference room there was already a very large LED screen. Our job was to implement the same control system in all three rooms, to make it easy for users to operate the different screens.

Easy remote control with xControl: Many different users use the rooms every day, and it is important to Dong Energy that all systems are controlled by the same user-friendly system. This is why we chose to use xControl, which we have developed ourselves.
xControl controls screens, sound and lights in the room at the touch of a button. It is very user-friendly and very graphical. There is not much text to read, and with features such as drag and drop, xControl is very intuitive to use. All you do is put a plug in your computer, and you’re ready to use it. The right solution for a company with almost 7,000 employees.