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Cipex is here to deliver the best audio-visual solutions for meeting and conference facilities, auditoriums, educational facilities, city council halls and museum exhibitions.
We deliver individual solutions, customised to each room and each user. We emphasise that all our solutions must be intuitive to use and aesthetic to look at. This means that all our solutions are tailored to suit the architecture, the room and the end-user.

Project management and dialogue

It is natural for us to see each project all the way through. We know how important a good dialogue is, and we reach our goal by finding the right solution for our customers together with them.

Cipex stand by the customers’ side all the way, and with the right project management and guidance, we make sure that all projects are finished before deadline. We don’t let go of a project before our customers are satisfied, and of course we offer support afterwards.

We handle communication with other trade groups as well to ensure that our customers only need to be in contact with one project manager, and that the project remains under control.

Most importantly, we want to deliver solutions that fulfil the needs of our customers in the right way. This is why dialogue is so important. We speak to people at eye level. We don’t use empty phrases or technical terminology. Together with our customers, we find the right solution.

Installation and quality control

Our highly skilled technicians have a wide range of competences and a very high level of professional pride. They guarantee that we deliver quality every time no matter the size of the project. Their professionalism, knowledge and ability to enter into dialogue with our customers are the reasons that it remains possible for us to deliver complex installations that live up to and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Aesthetics and usability are important parameters to Cipex. If you need solutions to 150 identical offices, we guarantee 150 identical solutions. Our products complement the room they are installed in, and they should inspire to use. We put ourselves in the place of the end-user and implement the solutions in a way that is intuitive, logical and corresponds with the way the equipment is used.

Hardware and software

Our installations and products contribute to a professional audio-visual experience – whether it’s video conferences, educational situations, museum visits or hearings at City Hall. We have full focus on functionality, intuitive use and operational reliability in every solution we offer, no matter if it’s our own software or products from a third-party supplier.

We use professional and acknowledged hardware from well-reputed brands. We have a team dedicated to developing software for the use and monitoring of A/V equipment. It is important to us that our software equipment is highly intuitive and logical so that any user can operate it without problems. We are especially proud of our own product xControl.


It is important to us that the end-user does not find him or herself in a situation where her or she needs the support from the IT department in order to give a presentation. This is why we have developed xControl, which is an intuitive user interface for remote control of audio-visual equipment.

We developed this software at a time when we needed to be able to control multiple screen solutions with an approx. 10 metre’s wide picture for both LED and projector solutions. We wanted a user interface without technical terminology and abbreviations that might confuse the end-user.

We were not able to find what we were looking for among existing solutions so we developed our own software. xContol makes the remote control of the installation very user-friendly. For example xControl shows pictures of different features so that the end-user can easily understand how to operate the device. Furthermore, you have the possibility to use drag and drop to move presentations and other elements directly to the screen.

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fimus_logo_pos Hos Fiskeri og Søfartsmuseet har vi været i gang med at udvikle en ny udstilling. Vi har i den sammenhæng en del audiovisuelle installationer i den nye udstilling, der skal installeres og samkøres. Vi har i estimeringsfasen arbejdet med flere virksomheder, men har til det videre forløb valgt CIPEX. Vi har i vores vurdering lagt vægt på de mangeårige kompetencer, som medarbejderne hos CIPEX besidder indenfor omfattende og komplekse installationer. Hertil kom en god og kreativ kemi mellem repræsentanterne fra CIPEX og museets medarbejdere på projektet. CIPEX har udviklet et oplæg, hvor der ikke kun er lagt vægt på driftssikkerhed, men også brugervenlighed, overvågning og automatisering. Idet CIPEX har softwareudvikling og projektledelse in-house, er vi sikre på at få udviklet en udstilling, der er både nem at bruge, vedligeholde og samtidigt er driftssikret.

Morten Hahn-Pedersen, museumsdirektør, Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet

nordsoen_logo_pos Hos Nordsøen Oceanarium har vi i forbindelse med opbygning af nye, interaktive udstillingsenheder gennem de senere år haft et frugtbart samarbejde med folkene fra Cipex. Vi har altid oplevet, at de har ydet en værdifuld service og altid været fleksible og hjælpsomme til at få tingene til at køre.

Morten B. Thomsen, IT-Ansvarlig / Tekniker , Nordsøen Oceanarium

News & Knowledge

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About Cipex

Cipex ApS is a privately owned Danish company, founded in 2013 by Michael Rasmussen. The main office is situated in Aarhus, and we also have an office in Greve. Cipex delivers audio-visual installations and solutions to private and public companies as well as to museums and the entertainment industry.

Our mission is to offer the broadest selection of audio-visual solutions in the industry and to provide our customers with the expertise and professional assistance and dialogue they need to be able to make the right decisions. We do our utmost to customise our products and services to the needs of our customers. Any enquiry to us will be met with professionalism and respect for the project.

We work at Cipex

Get to know the Cipex team


Engineer, BTecMan & MarEng,

What is your job at Cipex, and how long have you worked here?

I have had a part-time job here since the beginning in 2013 while I was studying, and I have worked full-time since I graduated in January 2016. I also had an internship here in the autumn of 2015.

I work with counselling and project management on some of Cipex’ projects. I’m also technically responsible for ensuring a safe implementation of the electrical installation work.

Which values characterise Cipex?

Honesty, no doubt. If you do not deal with a problem in an honest way, it’s not technical advice, but technical sale. I think that if we focus on guiding our customers, it will increase chances of a customer coming back.

What are most the important skills to have in this business? 

To be able to adapt to changes. The A/V business is in a constant state of change, and it’s important to keep updated with the latest technologies in order to always deliver solutions with the highest possible level of quality but with the lowest possible costs. “This is how we have always done this” is not a sentence that belongs in our line of business.


+45 22 90 19 59


Electrical & A/V technician

What is your job at Cipex, and how long have you worked here?

I have worked here for 8 months, and my job involves planning and implementation of installations.


What is the best about working for Cipex?

The fact that we have a lot of freedom in this job – and the many challenges. They make every day exciting. And I like the good tone we have amongst each other. It’s also cool that you have the possibility to develop professionally and that high quality in our installations is a top priority for us.

What do you like about the A/V business?

That this line of business constantly develops. It’s important that you’re able to think independently and result-oriented.


+45 91 89 40 50


Technical Project Manager

What is your job at Cipex, and how long have you worked here?

I have worked here since 1 November 2013. My job function is very diverse. I do anything from having meetings with customers/co-workers, make offers, plan, write reports to making sure our warehouse is tidy. I do what it takes to make it all come together.

What is the best part of your job?

That it’s very versatile. No two days are the same. I love that you never really know what will happen next. There are many things that need to come together before you reach the perfect result. We don’t just install something – we make sure it works and that it is adjusted to fit our customers’ needs.

And there is a really cool atmosphere among everyone who works here.

Which values do you think characterise Cipex?

Quality, skills, responsibility, reliable.

To an increasing extent I experience that our customers don’t ask any questions, neither to our work nor to the invoice. They know that everything is ok, that we have thought about everything, and that they get value for their money.

If you had an unexpected day off, how would you use it?

I would sleep until I woke up. Go for a run to the bakery. Take things slowly and do some of the things I didn’t have time to do the day before.


+45 40 40 40 57



What is your job at Cipex, and how long have you worked here?

I co-founded Cipex, so I have been here since the beginning in the summer of 2013. My job here is very diverse. Primarily it involves technical specification of our solutions as well as contracts with customers and suppliers, but I often work on concrete installation assignments as well.

What is the best part of your job?

The fact that we are able to deliver the right solutions which are adjusted to the customers’ needs every time. Our team and our business partners – and our skills. And I’m proud that we deliver solutions that make us proud, on time every time.

What are most the important skills to have in this business? 

You need to be able to see the big picture and to have knowledge of the systems, as well as carry out your assignments in a professional and correct way. If you make a mistake, you have to correct it immediately. A mistake never corrects itself.

If you had an unexpected day off, how would you use it?

I fly gliders, ride mountain bikes and ski. If I have an unexpected day off, I would take my bike for a ride or go for a trip in the glider.


+45 29 46 26 60


A/V Service Engineer

What is your job at Cipex, and how long have you worked here?

I have been here for almost 2 years. I work as a service engineer all over Denmark and sometimes in other countries as well – and besides this, I also work as a handyman in Cipex.

What is the best part of your job?

To be able to work with new and smarter solutions than previously, and to be able to help customers to get a simpler and more cool contemporary solution.

What do you like about the A/V business?

That you constantly extend your knowledge about new equipment. And as mentioned, it’s important to me that our customers receive the simplest, most flexible set-up possible. This way you make sure that no one is insecure when using our installations.

What are most the important skills to have in this business? 

To be able to stay updated and constantly keeping an eye out for new products that may replace a previous product and that way make our installations better.

Do you have a hobby in your spare time?

I like to test new smart solutions at home to see how they function in an everyday household. This is a way to combine my job and my hobby.

In winter, skiing is on top of my list, and in summer, gliding, mountain biking and water sports.


+45 31 16 63 40


A/V technician

What is your job at Cipex, and how long have you worked here?

I’m an A/V technician, and I have only worked at Cipex for a few months. My job consists of installing, testing and troubleshooting A/V equipment.

What is the best part of working at Cipex?

I like that there are no compromises when it comes to quality and to making our customers happy. I like that a lot. And everyone has a high level of technical skills. I have found great assignments, great colleagues and customers who are happy with our services here at Cipex.

What do you like about the A/V business?

I like the technology behind the solutions and to be able to solve the daily challenges. In this business it’s important that you’re constantly on top of the technological evolution, and I like that.


+45 91 89 55 77


Unfortunately, there are no available jobs at the moment. However, we always welcome applications from people who would like to work with us. Please send us an unsolicited application. All applicants will receive an answer within two weeks (it might take a bit longer during holiday season).

Contact and support


Langdyssen 5 8200 Aarhus N Denmark

Phone: +45 44 22 66 66 Email: CVR: 35396578 El-autorisationsnummer: EFUL-12112

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a talk about a project – no commitment.

We offer support, before, during and after we have installed a solution. If you experience any problems or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.