To mark that, in 2016, it has been 50 years since the first oil was extracted from the North Sea, The Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg will show a new exhibition called ‘Energy from the Sea’.

Difficult to extract energy at sea
The exhibition will show how oil is produced and extracted at the North Sea, as well as portray life on-board an oil rig. Furthermore, part of the exhibition will concern new sustainable wind power – also with focus on offshore energy; the great offshore wind turbines. It will convey what it takes to extract energy at sea, both from the wind and from the oil.

Michael Rasmussen from Cipex explains: “Cipex will deliver all the hardware; every projector and screen for the approx. 30 units that are on the exhibition. We will also deliver all content, which means both software and, in collaboration with some very skilled sub-suppliers, we also deliver the animations and videos that in a pedagogic and interactive manner communicate the subject to the guests of the museum.”

Exciting team
“We are part of a very exciting team consisting of employees from the museum, some very skilled communicators of this type of exhibition and us. Together we given thought to the route you will take as a guest at the museum; what should play on which screens, what should be inter-active – how the entire experience should be for the guest. It has been a very interesting process to be part of.”

The exhibition will open 8 September 2016 according to plan.